Hello, my name is Arnaldo Rocha and I am a Paraglider and Paratrike Pilot since 1996 and 2008, respectively. I carry out pedagogical flights of these modalities, as well as other outdoor activities (hiking and bike trails). It is with great pleasure that I fly, in total comfort and security, to discover the charms and secrets of the São Miguel island (Azores).

As a paragliding guide, I will show and accompany you to the places of takeoff and landing. Because some of these places are private properties, I will also contact the owners to allow the use of them. Moreover, I will give flight information specific to each location, so that your flight experience is unique, singular and unforgettable.

Considering my vast knowledge of the island (from the practice of sports such as 4x4 off-road, motocross, bike and hiking trails), in the impossibility of flying due to weather conditions, I can do jeep tours (or other, such as hiking and bike) and take you to most attractive and uncommon sights of São Miguel, in a fun and different way, where overwhelming views hidden within the island will be unraveled.

All these activities are for individual or groups, so talk to us!